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The Miura Story



About the film

The Miura story is a tale as unique as the reverd clubs we create. Present through our processes and rich history, the Miura story is one of incredible passion, precise craftsmanship, and the lasting legacy of family. This 10-minute short documentary unveils the narrative of one of the golf industry's most interesting and mysterious stories.

Chapter one

The Mystery

Miura's rich history is deeply rooted in the tradition of excellence, creating a unique ancestry in the manufacturing of forged golf clubs. The story begins in Himeji, Japan, where we uncover the birthplace of the Miura golf club and its founder, Miura-san, Katsuhiro Miura.

Chapter two

The Laboratory

The story continues as Miura-san goes on to teach his sons, Yoshitaka and Shinei, the fine art of crafting steel golf clubs. The unique design and manufacturing process is revealed, unveiling the iconic Miura way. Discover what truly makes a Miura club stand above the rest from a golfer and club fitter’s point of view.

Chapter three

The Golfer's sword

Although Miura has made a significant impact on the industry's past and present, the story does not simply end. In this epic conclusion, Miura-san, Yoshitaka, and Shinei reflect on their historic contributions to the golf industry and reveal what can be expected from the renowned brand in the years to come.