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  LH-Blade Y Grind
  LH-Cavity Y Grind


  LH-Blade Y Grind: blade model specifications (Left Hand Only)
  Material : Mild steel  
  Process: Precision forging in Miura's own forge in Himeji, Japan
  Finish: W nickel (satin) chrome  
  Set Contents: No.3 - 9, PW (8 Irons)  
  Neck type: Straight Neck  


  • Miura's forging techniques rearrange the molecular structure of the mild steel in a pattern that is uniform throughout the club head. This eliminates void spots in the club face. This process assures that every Miura club in your bag has the distance control, ball flight, spin, and feel that any golfer should demand.

  • This tightness in the grain structure of the metal is what gives Miura made clubs the controlled, soft feel that other manufacturers cannot achieve. Miura also uses a proprietary "spin welding" process to produce the industry's most consistent hosel. This unique procedure ensures that the bore depths and hosel heights are identical on every Miura made head and the shaft of every club will be perfectly centered.

    Offering the Y GRIND in our Left Handed Blade

    and Cavity Back models

    The impact that the design of leading edge and bounce can have on the performance of an iron or wedge has not been lost on the Miura family. Master Grinder Yoshitaka Miura has created the Y Grind, which made its’ debut with our Series 1957 Wedges. Yoshitaka has now incorporated the Y Grind in to our most recent models, the MB 001 and the 1957CB. Until now, this innovation was not available to our loyal left handed golfers.

    Using the foundation of our timeless left handed models, the Blade and Cavity Back, the Y Grind has allowed Miura Golf to deliver two additional offerings to the Left Handed golfer.

    It should be noted that Yoshitaka in solely responsible for finishing the “Y Grind” on all models.

    The Y Grind, although most visible on the sole and leading edge, actually encompasses many more subtle changes to the club head. This is necessary to maintain the integrity of the head, including head weight, density and overall balance. These refinements elevate the Left Handed Y Grind irons to another level.

    More efficient turf interaction is made possible through the subtle leading edge and sole modifications. This includes a more contoured leading edge and the appropriate bounce angles on each specific iron while maintaining desired lie angles.

    The Miura family commitment to detail is evident in the Y Grind, specifically at the address position. Subtle changes to the top line and toe profile work in concert with the sole grind delivering a new level of confidence to the golfer.

    Some of the changes include:

    • Slightly modified toe profile
    • A top line which is pleasing to the eye. The head “frames” the golf ball, delivering confidence to the golfer
    • The Y Grind weight distribution and balance within the club head is marginally different from our standard LH models. This subtle shift in weight from toe to heal allows the Y Grind player to take dead aim at their target and to more easily square up the club head at impact.



  #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 PW
Loft (degrees) 21 24 27 30 34 38 42 47
Lie (degrees) 59.0 59.5 60.0 60.5 61.0 61.5 62.0 62.5
Offset (inches) 0.120 0.100 0.100 0.100 0.100 0.100 0.100 0.100
Bounce Angle (degrees) 0 3 5 5 5 6 8 8

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